I obtained a PhD degree in Computer Science from the Information Technology Research Institute (ITRI) of the University of Brighton in Brighton, UK, in July 2003.

My work concerns Natural Language Processing (NLP) research. I joined the University of São Paulo in 2005 (first at ICMC-USP and currently at EACH-USP), where I hold an associate professor position.

I was also a visiting post-doctoral fellow at the Department of Computing Science of the University of Aberdeen in Scotland in 2011-2012.


Selected publications are listed on DBLP and Google Scholar.
A more detailed list is found here.



I am interested in Human Language Technology in a broad sense, including both theoretical issues such as reference phenomena and their role in practical NLP applications.


My earlier work has focused on the combination of rule-based and statistical methods for Natural Language Generation, 
addressing the issues of referring expression generation and surface realisation.

More recently I have been studying computational models of human personality, author profiling and authorship attribution. In a current research project I am also interested in developing computational models of moral stance and moral foundations recognition.

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